Through the Wall of Fire in Arabic

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The authoritative Palestinian historian Dr. Walid Khalidi, the first to document the Zionist expulsion of the Palestinians (the Nakhba), issued a commentary to the book, which is published on the cover of the Arabic edition. “The author is a serious American researcher in Middle East affairs of Armenian descent, and a committed human rights activist. She writes in detail of her tireless efforts to alleviate the suffering of Iraq children who were the victims of the U.S. embargo, though an internationally sponsored initiative [Committee to Save the Children in Iraq]. She draws a comparison between the [Young Turks’] extermination plan against the Armenians in the late Ottoman era, which her parents survived thanks to the intervention of Turkish families, the policies of President Bush against Iraq, and the Zionist project in Palestine. [In this context she examines] Israel’s blockade of Gaza and the recent war against it.”