Armenian contribution to architecture Armenian contribution to architecture

Thousands of magnificent churches in historic Armenia testify to its rich architectural tradition. Recently an exhibit opened in Istanbul documenting the contribution of Armenian architects to that city.
“Istanbul’s Armenian architects remembered in exhibition,” Anatolia News Agency, December 9, 2010

Music Can Promote Peace between Armenians and Turks

An exciting experiment was launched a decade ago by director Daniel Barenboim and the late Palestinian intellectual Edward Said to bring together young Israeli, Palestinian, and other Arab musicians in the West-Eastern Divan orchestra. Read further...

Akdamar rite spurs search for Armenian legacy in Turkey's East

Akdamar rite spurs search for Armenian legacy in Turkey's East
The historic religious ceremony held Sept. 19 at an Armenian church in eastern Turkey will have long-lasting effects, according to Armenians who anticipate more churches being restored and more people reclaiming their ethnic identities. “Families from all corners of Turkey are coming to us in search of the roots of their families. Members of my own family have changed their identity cards to be listed as Christian,” sayd Archbishop Aram AteƟyan”. Read Further...

Imprisonment of Human Rights Activist Puts Turkish Establishment on the Dock

When Turkish authorities seized Dogan Akhanli on August 10 on his arrival from Frankfurt at the Istanbul airport and threw him into prison, they may have thought they could proceed unhindered, with the law on their side.
But they miscalculated utterly. As soon as the news circulated, human rights activists, intellectuals, and political figures denounced his arrest and demanded his immediate release.
Read further...

The Historical Reconciliation of Armenians and Turks

Germany, the same nation allied in World War I with the Young Turk regime which sought to exterminate the Armenian population, is emerging today as the stage on which the two formerly adversary communities are extending their hands in dialogue aimed at understanding and reconciliation.Read further...

FAZ: Was zwischen Türken und Armeniern zu klären ist

Briefe von Muriel Mirak-Weissbach an die Herausgeber. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 19.04.2010Read further...

Arab-Israeli Youth Win Prize for Peace

The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra received the Westphalia Peace Prize in Münster, Germany.
“German Peace Prize for Barenboim,” Deutsche Welle, October 30, 2010