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      The Visit of Erdogan – OCTOBER 4, 2018

      The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall – SEPTEMBER 6, 2018

      Merkel in the South Caucasus: A Thorny Diplomatic Agenda – SEPTEMBER 1, 2018

      A Balancing Act in the South Caucasus – AUGUST 23, 2018

      Behind the New Threats to Iran– AUGUST 9, 2018

      Armenian Musician Emmanuel Tjeknavorian Celebrated in Germany – AUGUST 9, 2018

      Two-Week Immersive Armenian Course Big Success with German Students – AUGUST 9, 2018

      Gratitude from the Diaspora – JULY 19, 2018

      Young Armenian Musicians Delight Audiences in Vienna and Berlin – JULY 19, 2018

      From Berlin to Yerevan — Direct – JUNE 23, 2018

      Turks Go to the Polls in Germany – JUNE 18, 2018

      Piecing Together the Words of a Saint – JUNE 2, 2018

      German Officers’ Role in Armenian Genocide Explored – JUNE 2, 2018

      Towards Transnational Remembrance and Reconciliation– MAY 11, 2018

      Between Remembrance and Expectation – MAY 3, 2018

      Journalist Can Dündar in German Exile – MAY 3, 2018

      Armenia Seeks Foreign Policy Balance  – APRIL 12, 2018

      Weaving Close Ties between Germany and Armenia– April 5, 2018

      The Plight of Afrin Reverberates Across Europe– MARCH 23, 2018

      Self-Defense or Violation of International Law?– MARCH 15, 2018

      Educators and Parliamentarians in Talks on Education – MARCH 5, 2018

      Ecumenical Altars of Remembrance in Berlin – MARCH 1, 2018

      German Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Afrin – FEBRUARY 9, 2018

      Germany Appoints Honorary Consul in Gyumri – FEBRUARY 1, 2018

      Carrying On Hrant Dink’s Legacy – JANUARY 23, 2018

      Erdogan’s New Year’s Resolutions – JANUARY 11, 2018

      Turkey Releases One More German from Prison – DECEMBER 21, 2017

      Armenians Hold Aurora Dialogues in Berlin – DECEMBER 15, 2017

      Small Town Politics in Germany Raise Diplomatic Fuss – DECEMBER 15, 2017

      Martin Luther and the Armenians– NOVEMBER 30, 2017

      Reclaiming the Good Name of Liman von Sanders – NOVEMBER 16, 2017

      Turkey Frees Some Hostages– NOVEMBER 2, 2017

      Ecumenical Leaders Offer Prayers for Christians in Middle East – OCTOBER 26, 2017

      Writers from the ‘Other’ Turkey Speak Out in Frankfurt – OCTOBER 19, 2017

      Armenian Literature in Translation Promoted in Frankfurt – OCTOBER 19, 2017

      The Great Azerbaijani Land Grab –  OCTOBER 19, 2017

      Armenia and Germany Celebrate Quarter Century of Diplomatic Ties – OCTOBER 12, 2017

      Wolfgang Gust Honored in Berlin – OCTOBER 5, 2017

      Wiesbaden Musician Renews Ties to Armenia – SEPTEMBER 20, 2017

      Hostage to Erdogan – SEPTEMBER 7, 2017

      Erdogan’s Extraterritorial Ambitions: The Case of Dogan Akhanli  – SEPTEMBER 4, 2017

      German Government Draws the Line JULY 29, 2017

      Aramean Day of Remembrance in Berlin– JUNE 29, 2017

      'My Way' Is Helping Children with Autism in Armenia – JUNE 15, 2017

      German Troops to Leave Incirlik – JUNE 8, 2017

      Erdogan's Referendum and Germany's Dilemma – JUNE 68, 2017

      Armenia’s Heart: Poems … and Nothing More – MAY 24, 2017

      Genocide Commemoration after Recognition in Germany – APRIL 27, 2017

      Turkish Referendum: The Price of Winning – APRIL 20, 2017

      Cloak and Dagger in German-Turkish Relations – APRIL 6, 2017

      Analysis: The Sick Man on the Bosporus – MARCH 22, 2017

      AKP in Campaign Frenzy: Crossing the Red Lines – MARCH 9, 2017

      In Praise of Folly – MARCH 2, 2017

      Poland Welcomes Promising Armenian Vocalist – FEBRUAR 25, 2017

      Architecture as Witness to Genocide– FEBRUAR 16, 2017

      Music for the Republican Army – FEBRUAR 2, 2017

      State Prize Awarded to ‘Aghet’ Director– JANUAR 12, 2017

      Decade after Dink: Cem Ozdemir to Headline Program Honoring Late Journalist – JANUAR 12, 2017

      Liman von Sanders: A Matter of Honor – JANUAR 12, 2017

      Art Inspires Artists – DECEMBER 15, 2016

      Portraits of the Artists as Young Men – DECEMBER 10, 2016

      A History Lesson in Germany – NOVEMBER 10, 2016

      Politics, Polemics and Reading Pleasure in Frankfurt – OCTOBER 27, 2016

      Friendship Between the Rhine and the Arax –  OCTOBER 20, 2016

      Freedoms Are Not Relative – OCTOBER 13, 2016

      Little Singers, Great Promise – SEPTEMBER 29, 2016

      Jailed Writer, Linguist Nisanyan
      Receives Saroyan Medal from Armenian Diaspora Ministry
      –  SEPTEMBER 29, 2016

      No Holiday for Erdogan – SEPTEMBER 29, 2016

      A Special Light Shines through Art – AUGUST 18, 2016

      Interview: The Implosion of the Erdogan-Gülen Family Devastates Turkey – AUGUST 12, 2016

      To Be a German or a Turk, That is the Question– AUGUST 4, 2016

      Armenians Celebrate to Help Artsakh Victims – JULY 21, 2016

      The Challenge of Peace – JUNE 30, 2016

      Artistic Journeys through National Destinies – JUNE 23, 2016

      Turkish-German Relations: Threats, Taboos and Truth –  JUNE 16, 2016

      Bundestag’s Genocide Recognition: A First Step – JUNE 9, 2016

      Genocide Is Genocide: Views from Berlin – JUNE 2, 2016

      Of Politics and the Pope – MAY 19, 2016

      Erdogan Overplays His Hand – MAY 19, 2016

      German-Armenian Ties Live On In Music – MAY 12, 2016

      Khachkar Dedicated in Berlin – MAY 3, 2016

      Sharing the Gift of Music – MAY 5, 2016

      Sargsyan in Berlin: A Balancing Act – APRIL 14, 2016

      Let The Trumpets Sound!–  MARCH 26, 2016

      A Special Day in the German Bundestag –  MARCH 3, 2016

      Paruyr Sevak, Patriot and World Citizen –  FEBRUARY 27, 2016

      An Artist’s Journey Along The Trail of Tears –  FEBRUARY 20, 2016

      Wielding the Weapon of Truth – December 3, 2015

      Recognition, Realpolitik and the Ravages of War –  OCTOBER 22, 2015

      2015 Frankfurt Book Fair: New Studies on Armenia – October 15, 2015

      Armenia and Germany Renew a Thousand-Year-Old Friendship – September 17, 2015

      Of Summer Doldrums, Scoops and Spoofs – August 13, 2015

      German-Armenian Forum Launched in Berlin – May 28, 2015

      Armenian Trees Planted in Germany to Bear Fruits of Friendship and Reconciliation22 May 2015

      Beyond Recognition – 22 May 2015

      ACF Releases Second Edition of Armenian Orphan Rug Book

      Historic Genocide Remembrance in Berlin – 30 april 2015

      Germans Say It Was Genocide – 23 april 2015

      ‘If Winter Comes, Can Spring Be Far Behind?’ – 23 april 2015

      Pope Francis Issues Challenge to Turkey – and Germany 18 April 2015

      Germany and the Genocide – Witness, Accomplice or Perpetrator? 12 march 2015

      ‘Our Medium is Art, the Book, the Violin…
      ’Armenian Cultural Autumn Concludes in Bochum – 21 november 2014

      Teachers, Businessmen, Robots and Youth United to Rebuild Armenian IT – 7 November 2014

      A Fairy Tale — But True... – 25 October 2014

      Armenians Make a Strong Showing at Frankfurt Bookfair – 22 October 2015

      Much Ado About a Little Book – 10 october 2014

      Creating a Transnational Memory Space – Dogan Akhanli Honored in Cologne – 27 Sept. 2014

      Today Gaza, Tomorrow Iran? – August 09, 2014

      1914-2014: 100 Years of the German-Armenian Society – July 18, 2014

      ‘Aleppo Protocols’ Depict What Children of Genocide Saw – Jun/13/2014

      Armenian Embassy Hosts Book Launch in BerlinBy Muriel Mirak-Weissbach – Jun/07/2014

      The Play’s the Thing... Dissent, Denial and Artistic Freedom – Apr/05/2014

      A Cultural Capital of the Diaspora in Berlin – Mar/05/2014

      Power of Art to Move Mind and Heart: Dink Remembered in Frankfurt – Feb/09/2014

      Taner Akçam Teaches ‘Genocide 101′ in Germany – Dec/07/2013

      Revisionsprozess gegen Akhanli / Akhanli Case at Istanbul Court – Aug/07/2013

      Bad Theater in Istanbul: Turkish Court Performs Kafka – Aug/07/2013

      Mubarak, Morsi, and then? – Jul/10/2013

      Discovering Hayastan Through the Eyes of Children – Jul/08/2013

      Activist Targeted by Turkish Authorities Again – Jul/08/2013

      The Quest for a Culture of Remembrance. Armenians in Germany Commemorate Armenian Genocide – May/21/2013

      Rediscovering Franz Werfel: Potsdam Conference Analyzes Life of Brave Humanitarian – Mar/22/2013

      Gutenberg Museum Displays Armenian Book Treasures – Feb/19/2013

      German-Turkish-Armenian Project Dramatizes Search for Identity – Jan/20/2013

      Komitas Honored in Berlin – Sep/30/2012

      Book review: Working Through the Past to Embrace the Future – Aug/24/2012

      German Archive Material Raises Stir in Turkey – Aug/11/2012

      New Perspectives for Armenian Genocide Studies in Germany – Jun/26/2012

      Turks Join Armenians in Germany to Honor Genocide Victims – Apr/30/2012

      Peace and the “Power of Poetry”: In Defense of Günter Grass – Apr/20/2012

      To Be, or Not To Be, a Turk. Reflections on the Inner-Turkish Debate on 1915/1916 – Nov/16/2011

      Can Germany Mediate Armenian-Turkish Reconciliation – Nov/02/2011

      An Oriental Fantasy: Revolution in Israel-Palestine – Sep/12/2011

      Una fantasia orientale: la rivoluzione in Israele-Palestina 12 Settembre 2011

      „Die Steine werden aufschreien“ – Aug/09/2011

      “The Stones Will Cry Out” – Jul/12/2011

      Wurden Bagdads Museen im Auftrag von US-Händlern geplündert? – Mar/22/2011

      World Robbed of Iraq's Museums, Antiquities – Mar/22/2011

      The Birth of the New Egyptians – Feb/15/2011

      The Armenian Genocide:Hopes for Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation – Feb/08/2011

      Revival of a Military Option: Israel's Covert War Against Iran Is On – Jan/26/2011

      Palestinian Statehood on the Agenda – Dec/29/2010

      Judicial Scandal: A Test Case for Turkey – Dec/17/2010

      America's "Justice" in Occupied Iraq: Why Tariq Aziz Should Be Released – Sep/16/2010

      Imprisonment of Human Rights Activist Puts Turkish Establishment on the Dock – Sep/02/2010

      Israel’s Insane War on Iran Must Be Prevented – Aug/15/2010

      The Historical Reconciliation of Armenians and Turks – May/27/2010

      Preparations for a Hit against Iran: Stopping Israel’s Next War – Mar/20/2010

      Gaza One Year After. The World Has Changed – Jan/01/2010

      Armenia-Turkey Rapprochement Puts Ideologies to the Test – Nov/11/2009

      “Football Diplomacy”: Armenia-Turkey Rapprochement – Sep/07/2009

      The Target is Iran: Israel's Latest Gamble May Backfire – Jan/12/2009

      Obama’s Heavy Agenda: Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine ... Iranian Expectations from Obama – Nov/20/2008

      Kazakhstan: Central Asian Giant Battles World Crisis – Oct/26/2008

      The Republicans' Subliminal Ticket: Will American Voters Be Hoodwinked? – Sep/17/2008

      Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Is Possible – and Necessary! – Sep/05/2008

      Armenia’s Struggle for Independence – Aug/12/2008

      War Party in a Bind: After Nuclear Talks in Geneva, Iran Will Likely Agree – Jul/23/2008

      Iranians Float an Offer the West Should Not Refuse – Jun/29/2008

      Countdown to the end of Bush-Cheney regime: War with Iran: What Could Happen If ... ? – Jun/08/2008

      Global Food Crisis: Egypt and Sudan Join Forces For Food Security – May/27/2008

      Build Railways for Peace in Africa – May/21/2008

      Iran Opens War Avoidance Flank – May/05/2008

      Iran should be "Set Up for an Attack" – Apr/16/2008

      Iraq War. Failure of the US Sponsored Assault: Learn The Lessons of Basra – Mar/31/2008

      Who Is Blocking Peace In Darfur? – Mar/30/2008

      A New Asian-African Alliance? China supports Sudan's Economic Growth – Mar/23/2008

      Iran On Eve Of Elections – Mar/02/2008

      Breaking Taboos In the Search For Truth. Arun Gandhi's Pursuit of Peace – Feb/07/2008

      Showdown with Iran: Government Accountability Office (GAO) deals Blow to Bush's anti-Iran Sanctions Policy – Jan/23/2008

      After The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran: Let The Great Debate Begin! – Jan/03/2008

      The Iran War is on the Front Burner – Nov/28/2007

      Dollar Crash: The Real Challenge For OPEC – Nov/22/2007

      Kurdish Crisis Boxes In Neocons – Nov/02/2007

      Caspian Summit: Putin Puts Forward A War-Avoidance Plan – Oct/22/2007

      Cheney's Oil Law For Iraq Is Neocolonial Theft – Oct/08/2007

      Behind Bush's Latest Anti-Iranian Threats – Aug/31/2007

      International Mobilization To Stop U.S. Attack on Iran – Jan/24/2007

      Historical Background articles – Available on request

      "From Arabia Felix to Modern Yemen," Dec. 17, 2004
      "The Armenian Genocide: True Justice Requires the End of Geopolitics," May 6, 2005
      "A Persian Tragedy: Mossadeq's Fight for National Sovereignty," Nov. 4, 2005
      "Shades of Sykes-Picot Accord Are Cast Over Southwest Asia," Feb. 10, 2006

      Other – Available on request

      "Dilemma of the Amman Summit: Free Trade or Development?", Nov. 17, 1995
      "Euromed in Barcelona: Noble Ends, But Can Free Trade Attain Them?" Dec. 8, 1995

      "An Iranian View of Sudan's Achievement," Interview with Mohammad Sa'eed Nua'mani, representative of the Supreme Leader in Sudan and East Africa, Deputy Chairman of Culture and Islamic Religious Ogranzations, March 13, 1998
      Interview with Sudanese figures, Al Sharif Zeinal al-Hindi, Dr. Riek Machar, Dr. Ghazi Salahuddin Attabani, March 13, 1998
      Interview with Sudanese political leaders, Angelo Beda, Samuel Aru Bol, March 20, 1998
      "Iran's Khatami Government Meets Political Challenge," Apr. 24, 1998
      "Jordan's King Hussein Pardons Opposition Leader Laith Shubeilat," May 29, 1998
      "Iran, One Year After" and "Political Tug-of-War: The Karbaschi Case," Sept. 18, 1998

      "How Egypt Could Link Africa to the Eurasian Landbridge," Jan. 22, 1999
      Interview with Jordanian Islamist Laith Shubeilat, March 5, 1999
      "Iran's President Khatami Pursues 'Dialogue of Civilizations,'" March 26, 1999
      "Iraqi Women Call For End to UN Sanctions," Nov. 26, 1999

      "Iranian Moderates Win Parliamentary Elections," March 3, 2000
      "How Iran Will Solve Its Internal Political Crisis," May 5, 2000
      "Solving the Water Shortage is the Key to Middle East Peace," May 19. 2000
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      "Revive Mideast Peace with Water, Economic Growth," Aug. 4, 2000
      Interview with Dato' Seri Rafidah binti Aziz, Malaysian Minister of International Trade, Oct. 6, 2000
      Interview with Dr. A. Abdallah, Acting Foreign Minister of Afghanistan, Oct. 6, 2000

      "Saudi Arabia, Iran Sign Security Accord," Apr. 27, 2001
      "Khatami's Second Landslide Means Greater Role For Iran," June 29, 2001
      Interview with Gen. (ret.) Mirza Aslam Beg, former Chief of Staff of Pakistani Army, Dec. 21, 2001

      Interview with Gen. (ret.) Mahmoud Khallaf, Nasser Military Academy, Feb. 1, 2002
      "Who Murdered the Olso Accords?" Apr. 19, 2002
      "UAE's Economic Humanism Builds A Modern Nation," Aug. 2, 2002
      "From Ancient Egypt to a New Renaissance," Nov. 1, 2002
      Interview with Dr. Mohsen Zahran, Director General, Organization of the Alexandria Library, Nov. 1, 2002

      "Iran's Diplomacy Aims at Eurasian Cooperaiton," Jan. 10, 2003
      "Annemarie Schimmel: Bringing the Reality of Islam to the West," Feb. 14, 2003
      "Region's Rejection of War Shows in Tehran," March 21, 2003
      "Arab Nations Changed, Shaken by the War," Apr. 11, 2003
      "Iraq's Antiquities: A US Faction Wanted Looting of Museums," Apr. 25, 2003
      "What Middle East Leaders Can Do Now," May 30, 2003
      "Top Cleric: US Can't Write Iraqi Constitution," July 11, 2003
      Interview with Donny George Youhkanna, Iraqi National Museum director, July 25, 2003
      "Iraqi Occupying Powers Caught In Legal Vise," Aug. 1, 2003
      "In Memorium: Iraqis and The World Mourn Patriarch Raphael I Bidawid," Oct. 3, 2003
      "Iran's Nuclear Energy: A Cheney Casus Belli?" Oct. 10, 2003
      "Iran's Nuclear Agreement: A Victory for World Peace," Oct. 31, 2003
      "US Withdrawal Will Let Iraq Revise Its Own Constitution," Dec. 12, 2003

      "Bremer's 'Transition' Shotgun Wedding Will Not Work In Iraq," Jan. 23, 2004
      "Iran's Election Crisis Flanks the One in Iraq," Feb. 6, 2004
      "Time Bomb of Civil War Is Ticking in Iraq," Feb. 27, 2004
      "Attempt to Trigger Civil War Fails in Iraq," March 12, 2004
      "Iraq Resistance Makes VietNam in the Desert," Apr. 16, 2004
      "Iran Fights for Right to Nuclear Technology," July 2, 2004
      "Iraqi Interim Government Can't Be Servant of Two Masters," July 30, 2004
      "Iraq: Moral Authority is Greater than Military Might," Sept. 3, 2004
      "'Mossadeq Reflex' in Iranian Nuclear Policy," Sept. 24, 2004
      "Fallujah, A Turning Point in Iraq War?" Nov. 19, 2004

      "Euro-Russian Deals Seek To Derail Attack," Feb. 4, 2005
      "Iran Is Not, Must Not, be Another Iraq," Feb. 18, 2005
      Interview with Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, March 25, 2005
      "Egyptians Look To Malaysian Experience," March 25, 2005
      "Two Years Later: Iraq at a Crossroads," Apr. 15, 2005
      "Iran's Policy Open-Ended in Wake of Election Surprise," July 15, 2005
      "Law vs. Brute Force: The Fight Over Iran's Nuclear Program," Sept. 30, 2005

      "Russian Proposal to Iran on Nuclear Reprocessing is Workable," Jan. 13, 2006
      "Fact vs. Fiction in the 'Iran Crisis,'" March 17, 2006
      "Berlin Conference Puts on the Table a Bold New Proposal for Iran," Apr. 7, 2006
      Interview with Dr. Tim Guldimann, "ICG Proposal for Negotiations with Iran," Apr. 7, 2006
      Interview with Dr. Ali Soltanieh, "Iran's Position in Nuclear Controversy," Apr. 7, 2006
      "Building A Viable Palestinian State," Apr. 14, 2006
      "Iran's Progress in Uranium Enrichment Represents No Casus Belli," Apr. 21, 2006
      "Iranian President's 'Letter Bomb' Boxes in Bush," May 19, 2006
      "Rowhani Proposes Talks with USA," May 19, 2006
      "Behind the US-Iran 'Breakthrough,'" June 9, 2006
      "Iran: The Offer Is On The Table," June 16, 2006
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      "Iran: Turning the Tables on the War Party," Sept. 22, 2006
      "Why Anti-Shi'ite Alliance Won't Work," Nov. 17, 2006

      "Report from Iran: The Elections and the Economy Put Ahmadinejad on Notice," Jan. 5, 2007
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      "Persian Gulf 'Rivals' Join Forces for Peace," Feb. 9, 2007
      "Russia Returns to the Middle East," Feb. 23, 2007
      "Momentum for Strike on Iran Threatens To Be Irreversible," March 2, 2007
      "Arab World Needs 'New Politics' in US," March 23, 2007
      Interview with Gen. (ret) Mahmoud Khallaf, Nasser Military Academy
      "Iraq's Other Tragedy: Two Million Refugees," March 30, 2007
      "Iranian Maglev Will Link Tehran to Landbridge City," Apr. 27, 2007
      "Who or What Is Fatah al-Islami?" June 22, 2007
      "Salman Rushdie Knighted," July 20, 2007
      "Aoun Offers a Vision of a Unified Lebanon," Aug. 3, 2007
      Interview with Gen. (ret.) Mirza Aslam Beg, Aug. 10,2007
      "Young Arab Musicians Celebrate Schumann," Aug. 17, 2007
      "The Iran War is on the Front Burner," Sept. 28, 2007

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