Grandson of Young Turk Triumvir Issues Book on Armenian Genocide

The grandson of Cemal Pasha, one of the three Ottoman Young Turk leaders who organized and implemented the genocide against the Armenians in 1915, has spoken out publicly against the massacres. Now he has issued a book which bears the unequivocal title, “1915. Armenian Genocide.”

Leading Personalities Support Nakba Exhibit

The travelling exhibit on the Nakba – the expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948 – has been raising awareness in Germany of what really occurred in the process of the foundation of the state of Israel. It has been criticized and in many cases sabotaged by parties interested in burying the historical record. In response, a large number of respected intellectuals, writers, human rights activists, political figures, and others have signed a statement in support of the Nakba exhibit.
DEPresse-Erklärung und Unterstützer hier downloadnpdf

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Book Launch in Boston Area

In October, Muriel Mirak-Weissbach will present her new book at several venues in the greater Boston area. The book, Madmen at the Helm: Pathology and Politics in the Arab Spring, was released by Ithaca Press in Reading, UK in July. Read further...

The 2012 International Hrant Dink Award goes to İsmail Beşikçi from Turkey and “Memorial” from Russia

The 2012 International Hrant Dink Award was presented to laureates İsmail Beşikçi from Turkey and "Memorial" from Russia, on September 15, 2012, with a ceremony organized by the Hrant Dink Foundation held at the Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall in Istanbul.Read further...

Old versus new, democracy versus dictatorship, madness versus sanity...

Ithaca Press is pleased to announce the publication of Madmen at the Helm: Pathology and the Arab Spring, by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach.
Are dictators mad or do they just not know when to quit? Do they know that people hate them, or do they have personality disorders that block this knowledge from their consciousness? Read further...

Potsdam University and Lepsius House Cooperate to Promote Genocide Studies
Potsdam Universität kooperiert mit dem Lepsiushaus

us  Potsdam University and Lepsius House Cooperate to Promote Genocide Studies
The University of Potsdam and the Lepsius House signed an agreement on June 6, 2012 to enhance their cooperation in the field of genocide studies. The Lepsius House is a museum and research center located in the former home of Dr. Johannes Lepsius, the renowned theologian and scholar who documented the 1915 Armenian genocide.
Professor Dr. Johann Hafner, Dean of the Philosophy Department, explained that students will be able to make use of the Lepsius House’s facilities, including rooms, archives, and library. In addition they “will be able to complete scientific internships there, receive assistance in their dissertations, and participate in research projects, conferences and publications.” The University, for its part, will lend institutional support to the work of the Lepsius House and cooperate on projects and conferences.‘house-of-lepsius’-to-advance-genocide-studies/

DE Potsdam Universität kooperiert mit dem Lepsiushaus
Stellungnahme zur Erklärung des Kölner Arbeitskreises Israel-Palästina zur Ausstellung „Die Nakba – Flucht und Vertreibung der Palästinenser 1948“ im Allerweltshaus in Köln.npdf
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Zehnter Jahrestag der “Berliner-Mauer” in Westjordanland
Tenth Anniversary of „Berlin Wall“ in West Bank

DE Zehnter Jahrestag der “Berliner-Mauer” in Westjordanland
Am 16. Juni 2002 wurde in Israel entschieden, eine Mauer durch das Westjordanland zu bauen und nur Tage später war mit dem Bauprojekt begonnen worden. Obwohl in der internationalen Presse sonst kaum etwas darüber geschrieben wurde, hat Reece Jones, Professor an der Universität Hawaii-Manoa und Buchautor, einen Kommentar zum Jahrestag veröffentlicht.
Op-Ed: The Israel Wall
us  Tenth Anniversary of „Berlin Wall“ in West Bank
On June 16, 2002 the decision to build a wall in the West Bank was approved by Israel and work began shortly thereafter. Although the mainstream international press seems to have taken little notice, Reece Jones, an Assistant Professor at the University of Hawaii-Manoa and book author, has published an OpEd on the anniversary. Op-Ed: The Israel Wall
Read further...

NAKBA Ausstellung in Köln sorgt für Kontroverse
NAKBA Exhibit Sparks Controversy in Cologne

DE Die Ausstellung „Die Nakba: Flucht und Vertreibung der Palästinenser 1948“ im Allerweltshaus in Köln ist von einem neugegründeten Arbeitskreis Israel-Palästina scharf kritisiert worden.
US  The travelling exhibit, “Nakba: Flight and Expulsion of Palestinians 1948,” currently on display at the Allerweltshaus in Cologne, has been the target of criticism launched by a newly found entity, called the Israel-Palestine Working Group, which claimed the exhibit was one-sided and bordered on anti-Semitism.Read further...

New Documents from German Foreign Ministry Archive Published: “Germany’s Orient Policy and the First World War”

Neue Unterlagen aus dem AA Veröffentlicht: „Die deutsche Orient-Politik un der Erste Weltkrieg“
The website has published a new series of documents from the German Foreign Ministry archives related to the genocide against the Armenians. The documents are in German, but a Foreword and Introduction are also in English. See:

Turkish Publisher Honored

The well-known and respected Turkish publisher, Ragip Zarakolu, has received an award in recognition of his commitment to freedom of the press. Zarakolu was recently freed from detention after an international campaign called for his release. His publishing company Belge has issued studies by Armenian, Kurdish, and Greek authors, often on taboo subjects, like the 1915 genocide against the Armenians. See.

Experts Analyze the Syria Crisis

What do we really know about the Syrian crisis? Given the press distortions and partisan accounts from both sides, it is not an easy question to answer. In the words of a professional risk analyst speaking at a recent seminar in Germany, it is comparable to what we can know about a hippopotamus in water: after all, what we see are only its ears and eyes. Indeed, fourteen months after the outbreak of demonstrations in Syria, anyone who claims to know how the crisis will evolve and where it will ultimately lead is either endowed with super-human capabilities or is submerged deep into the water, with goggles, an oxygen mask, and measuring instruments capable of measuring the beast’s heartbeat and other vital signs.
The seminar, entitled, “Syria in Civil War: the Multiethnic State Put to the Test” (“Syrien im Bürgerkrieg: der Vielvölkerstaat in der Zerreißprobe”), was organized by the German-Arab Society together with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation on May 17-18, in the Theodor-Heuss Akademie in Gummersbach, Germany. Read further...

Rettung für das Theater der Bach-, Luther- und Telemannstadt Eisenach!

The Eisenach Theater, founded in 1879, represents a cultural asset for the entire Thuringia region, with its vast repertoire of music, theater, and puppet theater. Now, in the context of dwindling resources for cultural budgets, the theatre is threatened with closure. Intellectuals, artists, citizens, and friends of the German cultural tradition have joined forces to protest the threatened closure. The petition they are circulating has already won massive support, and needs more.

German President to Visit Israel: Will He Speak Out for Freedom?

The upcoming visit of Gemrany’s new President Gauck to Israel has raised hopes among pro-peace activists that he, a respected activist in the successful 1989 ‘peaceful revolution“ of East Germans, will use the opportunity to speak out in defense of basic human rights. Evelyn Hecht Galinski, daughter of the late head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, has issued an open letter to Gauck, calling on him to do just this.

Middle East Crisis and the Fate of Christians

In the continuing tensions between Israel and the Palestinian population in the Occupied Territories, one aspect that is often overlooked relates to the fate of the Christians in the region. As a result of the occupation policy of Israel, the Christian population—which has inhabited the region since the time of Christ—has been dwindling, driven out by the forces of political repression and economic depression. The American television channel CBS presented a feature on this crisis as part of its ‘’60 Minutes“ program. The report includes statements by the Israeli Ambassador in the U.S. A Palestinian professor of sociology at the University of Bethlehem, Bernhard Sabella, provided a follow-up commentary on the program.
Christians of the Holy Land:

Commentary of CBS Report by Professor of Sociology at Bethlehem University, Prof. Bernhard Sabella

Nakba Day

On May 15, Palestinians throughout the world commemorated the 64th anniversary of the ‘‘Nakba“ – the ‘‘Catastrophe“—of the expulsion and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people from their homelands in the process leading up to the declaration of the state of Israel in 1948. Among the many articles and background reports issued, a statement by Prof. Walid Khalidi is of special importance. Prof. Khalidi, a renowned Palestinian historian, was the first to publish documents on ‘‘Plan Dalet,“ the strategic plan of the Zionists under Ben Gurion to rid Palestine of its inhabitants and occupy their land as part of the new state of Israel. Palestine Studies has published a special issue on the event, including the statement by Prof. Khalidi. See

Dante’s Divine Comedy Accused of Antisemitism, Homophobia and Racism

Outrageous but true: a would-be human rights organization has protested the masterpiece of Dante Alighieri, accusing the poet of anti-Semitism, homophobia, and racism. Read further...

Report on the Trial of Salomon Teilirian

The stenographic report of the proceedings of the trial held in Berlin on June 2-3, 1921 against Salomon Teilirian is available in German at
US Teilirian was the Armenian student who shot Young Turk leader Talaat Pasha whom he held responsible for the genocide against the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. The same location on the Internet gives the link to the volume Pressespiegel: “Der Mord an Talaat Pascha 1921,” a collection of press reports on the event, as compiled and published by Heinz Böke. See also
DEIm Internet: Stenographischer Bericht über die Verhandlung gegen den des Mordes Talaat Pascha angeklagten armenischen Studenten Salomon Teilirian vor dem Schwurgericht des Landgerichts III zu Berlin, Aktenzeichen: CJ. 22/21, am 2. und 3. Juni 1921: further...

US Military Experts Tell Obama: No War With Iran –  Ranghohe US Militärexperten Sagen Nein zum Krieg gegen Iran

US Military Experts Tell Obama: No War With Iran
On March 5, a full-page ad appeared in the Washington Post, entitled: “Mr. President: Say No to War of Choice with Iran.” The appearance of the ad, signed by a number of respected retired military officers and containing several quotes by former and current officials warning against war, coincided with the visit to Washington by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The group promoting the ad is the NIAC (National Iranian American Council), which has been lobbying relentlessly against war and for a diplomatic solution.
Ranghohe US Militärexperten Sagen Nein zum Krieg gegen Iran
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New Study of Turkey-Armenia Protocols Released

On March 2, 2012, a new monograph on the background to the Turkey-Armenia protocols of 2009 was released at Columbia University. The report, written by David L. Phillips, is entitled “Diplomatic History: The Turkey-Armenia Protocols,” and provides new information on the rapprochement process. It can be accessed and downloaded at further...

Books in Arabic Presented in Jordan

On February 20, 2012, two of my books that have appeared in Arabic were presented at the Jordanian Writers’ Association in Amman, Jordan. Read further...

Turkish Intellectual Urges Armenians To Visit Anatoli

Ahmet Altan
Turkish Intellectual Urges Armenians
To Visit Anatolia

Ahmet Altan, a leading Turkish journalist, spoke to Armenians in Watertown, Massachusetts about the ongoing discussion process inside Turkey about the genocide of 1915. he urged Armenians to visit Turkey to engage in direct personal contact with citizens there.

KulturForum TürkeiDeutschland gedenkt Hrant Dink

DE Es hat Veranstaltungen in Berlin, Köln und vielen anderen deutschen Städten anläßlich des 5. Todestags von Hrant Dink gegeben, unter anderen eine Reihe vom KutlturForum TürkeiDeustchland organisiert. Das KulturForum, das den interkulturellen Dialog fördert, hat die türkische Schriftstellerin und Anwältin Fetiye Çetin am 20. Januar in Köln zu einem Vortrag eingeladen. Frau Çetin hat danach Berlin besucht und auch dort über den Prozeß gegen Dinks Mörder berichtet. Zehntausende haben gegen das Urteil protestiert.
Am 23 Januar war ich in Köln eingeladen, mein Buch Jenseits der Feuerwand vorzustellen. Dr. Alper Öktem hat die Arbeit der Hrant-Dink-Stiftung in Istanbul vorgestellt.

US Kulturforum Türkei-Deutschland Commemorates Hrant Dink
Commemorations were held in Berlin, Cologne and many other German cities in late January on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the murder of Hrant Dink. The KulturForum TürkeiDeutschland, an organization which promotes understanding and reconciliation among Germans, Turks and Armenians, invited Turkish author and lawyer Fetiye Çetin on January 20 to speak in Cologne on the just-concluded trial against persons accused of involvement in Dink’s murder. Ms. Çetin travelled on to Berlin, where she addressed a large audience on the same topic. On January 23, I was invited by the same cultural dialogue group to present my book, Through the Wall of Fire at the Alte Feuerwache in Cologne. Dr. Alper Öktem presented the work of the Hrant Dink Foundation in Istanbul.

„Meine armenische Grossmutter: die Türkei und ihre Identität“

DE Vortrag im Lepsiushaus: “Meine armenische Großmutter: die Türkei und ihre Identität”
Am 10. Februar hat das Lepsiushaus in Potsdam ( mich eingeladen, einen Vortrag über meine Familiengeschichte und die „Großmutter-Debatte“ in der heutigen Türkei zu halten.
Am 13 Februar hat das DeutschlandradioKultur ein Interview mit mir über das gleiche Thema gesendet:

US  Presentation at Lepsius House
„My Armenian Grandmother: Turkey and Its Identity“
On February 10, I was invited to present a talk at the Lepsius House on her family history and the “grandmother debate” in today’s Turkey. The Lepsius House is a documentation center and meeting place for Germans, Turks and Armenians, located in the villa where Dr. Johannes Lepsius lived and worked ( On February 13, the cultural program on German national radio, DeustchlandradioKultur, broadcast an interview with me on the same theme:
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»Zeitbombe in Jerusalem«

DE König-David-Stadt: Archäologische Grabungen jüdischer Siedler mit dem Ziel, Palästinenser aus Ost-Jerusalem zu vertreiben
Besetztes Ost-Jerusalem, Stadtteil Silwan. Wenn der palästinensische Muslim Abu Jamil nachts um zwei Uhr sein Ohr auf den Fußboden legt, dann hört er sie: jüdische Siedler, die Israels Antikenbehörde helfen wollen, einen Tunnel vom angeblichen Palast König Davids bis zum Tempelberg zu graben.

French Genocide Bill Provokes Uproar

By Muriel Mirak-Weissbach – The bill voted up on December 22 by the French parliament (Assemblée nationale), which would make denial of genocide (including the 1915 genocide against the Armenians in Ottoman Turkey) a crime, has provoked strong reactions from the Turkish government and sparked a debate among Turks and Armenians worldwide. Read Further
This article is published also here: further...

Armenia Celebrates 500 Years of Printing

2012 marks a half millennium after the printing of the first Armenian book in Venice. From there, books in the Armenian language were published in Madras, Lvov, Rome, Milan, Paris, Nor Julfa, Amsterdam, and then in major cities in Russia and Armenia. To commemorate the event, Yerevan has been named World Book Capital, and exhibits will be take place there as well as in leading cities in Europe and the United States, presenting illustrated manuscripts and other antique volumes.

New Book Documents Lives of Armenians in Turkey

A new book was published at the end of the 2011, documenting the experiences of Armenians in Turkey whose ancestors had survived the 1915 genocide. Part of an oral history program of the Hrant Dink Foundation, the book, entitled “Sounds of Silence, Armenians of Turkey Speak,” is based on interviews with 40 people in Istanbul and other provinces.

New Play on 1915 Debut

New Play on 1915 Debut
“Deported – a dream play,” by Joyce Van Dyke, will hold its premiere performance at the Modern Theatre in Boston on March 8, 2012. Written by a descendant of Armenians who survived the genocide, the play “is the true story of two women survivors and their friendship,” one of them the author’s grandmother. “But the play spins outward from there, spanning a century and weaving a dream-tissue of characters from different cultures and time periods who meet in the impossible dialogue of a dream. The play’s last act is a futuristic dream of the 21st century beyond the centenary of the genocide. The language and events are highly theatrical, poetic, and emotionally intense, with a surprising amount of humor.”
From: About the Development of the Play, by Joyce Van Dyke

Palestinian Membership in UNESCO Challenges Israeli Cultural Theft Policy

With the Palestinians being welcomed as members of UNESCO, a new chapter has opened in the strained relations between Israeli authorities and the Palestinians over historical and religious treasures in the occupied territories. While Israeli military operations have damaged or destroyed many sites, in Nablus and Bethlehem, for example, Israel’s official archaeological and tourism policy attempts to lay claim to many others – especially in Jerusalem, which it claims as the eternal and undivided capital of Israel.

Finkelstein and Mearsheimer on the Future of Israel


As so-called “peace talks” resumed in Jordan at year’s end and Middle East policy took center stage in the first primary elections in the Republican Party in the U.S., two leading experts on Israel conducted a lengthy interview in the American conservative blog, on the future of Israel. Norman Finkelstein and John Mearsheimer, authors of groundbreaking studies on the conflict, explore the changing attitudes towards Israel, especially in the U.S., and the perspectives for peace.

Haaretz Publisher on “Israeli Apartheid”

“Die israelische Apartheid,” Gastbeitrag von Amos Schocken
Amos Schocken, owner and publisher of the liberal Israel newspaper Haaretz spoke out against Israel’s apartheid policy in an OpEd carried in the German press at year’s end (
Berliner Zeitung, Dec. 1, 2011, and Frankfurter Rundschau, Nov. 29, 2011).