Armenian Issue in Turkey Widely Discussed

In addition to personal memoirs of “hidden Armenians” several photographic collections documenting the history of the Armenians in Turkey and their fate in World War I are contributing to the expanding debate among civil society of the subject. A major work appeared in 2005 by Osman Köker, entitled Armenians in Turkey 100 Years Ago with the Postcards of Orlando Carlo Calumeno. It consists of a collection of postcards documenting Armenian life in the Ottoman Empire. The photos were on display at several exhibits and a second volume of the book appeared in January 2013.
In April 2013 an exhibit opened at the DEPO, a center for cultural and critical exchange in Istanbul.
The exhibit displayed pictures of one Armenian family, the Dildilians, who worked as photographers during the nineteenth and early twentieth century. A descendant Armen Marsoobian documented their history.
Turkish press also covered the event.
Germany Bericht in Deutsch: Ausstellung über die Marsoobian Familie