Armenian genocide

French Genocide Bill Provokes Uproar

By Muriel Mirak-Weissbach – The bill voted up on December 22 by the French parliament (Assemblée nationale), which would make denial of genocide (including the 1915 genocide against the Armenians in Ottoman Turkey) a crime, has provoked strong reactions from the Turkish government and sparked a debate among Turks and Armenians worldwide. Read Further
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New Book Documents Lives of Armenians in Turkey

A new book was published at the end of the 2011, documenting the experiences of Armenians in Turkey whose ancestors had survived the 1915 genocide. Part of an oral history program of the Hrant Dink Foundation, the book, entitled “Sounds of Silence, Armenians of Turkey Speak,” is based on interviews with 40 people in Istanbul and other provinces.

New Play on 1915 Debut

New Play on 1915 Debut
“Deported – a dream play,” by Joyce Van Dyke, will hold its premiere performance at the Modern Theatre in Boston on March 8, 2012. Written by a descendant of Armenians who survived the genocide, the play “is the true story of two women survivors and their friendship,” one of them the author’s grandmother. “But the play spins outward from there, spanning a century and weaving a dream-tissue of characters from different cultures and time periods who meet in the impossible dialogue of a dream. The play’s last act is a futuristic dream of the 21st century beyond the centenary of the genocide. The language and events are highly theatrical, poetic, and emotionally intense, with a surprising amount of humor.”
From: About the Development of the Play, by Joyce Van Dyke

New Gaza Flotilla Underway

The “US to Gaza” flotilla is scheduled to arrive in Gaza in late June, on the anniversary of the Mavi Marmora campaign. Since Turkey has supported the humanitarian aid initiative, Israel will raise the issue of the 1915 Armenian genocide in parliament. According to Yossi Sarid, this is due to Israeli anger at Turkey’s support.

Will Turkish Official Attend Genocide Commemoration?

The Turkish government has announced it will take part in events observing the Armenian genocide, traditonally organized on April 24, the anniversary of the mass arrests of Armenian intellectuals and leaders in 1915.

The Debate Among Turks on 1915 Has Begun/Die Debatte Unter Türken über 1915 ist im Gang

Excerpts from a film on the genocide show several well-known Turkish intellectuals and political figures discussing the past. In German/Turkish with English subtitles.
Ausschnitte aus einem Film über den Völkermord zeigen bekannte türkische Intellektuellen und Politiker, in einer Außeinandersetzung mit der Vergangenheit. In Deutsch/Türkisch mit englischen Untertiteln.-
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Book Exhibition Promotes Dialogue between Armenia and Turkey

The exhibit focusses on the book Speaking to One Another, a compilation of personal accounts of the 1915 genocide. Read the article... Read further...