cross stones

UNESCO Falsifies Historical Record

An exhibit at the Paris UNESCO House, from June 15-24, featuring Armenian Khachkars (cross stones), provoked a scandal after UNESCO representatives removed references to place names, including a large map. Since many of the Khachkars presented in photographs at the exhibit are located outside Armenia, in present-day Azarbaijan and Turkey, they bear testimony to the presence of Armenian life and civilization in these geographical areas which were once part of historic Armenia. No explanations were given for the removal of the place names and map.
The exhibit is an event organized at a high level, sponsored by the Republic of Armenia’s Ministry of Culture, and attended by diplomats, historians, and art experts.
An open letter of protest to UNESCO was sent by the Collectif VAN (Vigilance Armenienne contre le Negationnisme) whose representatives were present at the inauguration of the exhibit.