Ilan Pappe

Israeli “New Historian” at NAKBA Exhibit in Berne

Ilan Pappe, the leading member of the so-called “new historians” from Israel, delivered a lecture in the context of an extraordinarily successful exhibit on the NAKBA (the expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948) in Berne, Switzerland in late November. Professor Pappe is the author of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (OneWorld, Oxford, 2006), which presents documentation from the Israeli side of the Nakba, first researched by Walid Khalidi. Pappe spoke on November 30 at the University of Berne, on the subject, “1948 – A Different Story.” Following the presentation before a crowd of 400, there was a question and answer session. Both were filmed by Simsalafilm and are available on YouTube:
Part 1: The speech
Part 2: Q & A